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Qingdao Felt Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Felt Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Pingdu City, Qingdao, Shandong Province. It was established in 2018 and specializes in the production of dust removal and environmental protection equipment and systems. The company adhering to the German design concept, advanced dust removal technology and system management experience, quickly integrated into the Chinese market.

The company has senior design and application engineers; the production and installation team and professional electrical and commissioning engineers are all imported talents from German professional enterprises. They have nearly 20 years of application experience in the environmental protection industry. Through many years of technical exploration and research, the company is committed to dust removal system design and equipment production, which is applied to foundry, metallurgy, mining, waste incineration, building materials manufacturing, smoke. Grass and other related industrial fields.

The company not only provides products and technology, but also provides professional and high-quality service for customers. The company has professional service engineers, who can provide one-stop service for customers to survey the scene, understand customer needs and debug products and troubleshooting.