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Time: 2019-01-21
Risk factors:

Foundry production is characterized by many processes, heavy lifting and transportation, high temperature, harmful gases and dust, smoke and noise, which often cause accidents such as burns, fires, explosions and mechanical injuries in foundry operations. In addition, it is easy to cause occupational diseases such as thermal radiation, poisoning, vibration and silicosis. Therefore, the safety focus of casting operation is to prevent dust, heat and mechanical damage. Next, we introduce the safety precautions according to the different processes of casting operation.

Safe operation:

1. Sand mixing operation

In sand mixing operation, workers usually use grinding wheel mixer. The main danger of this kind of machine is that when the operator reaches out to take out sand samples or tries to shovel sand, his hand is hung or dragged into the mixer, causing injury.

2. Modeling

3. Drying of sand moulds

4. Ladle and pouring

5. Sand drop and cleaning

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